What is meaning of intelligent industrial automation

What is the Intelligent Industrial Automation

In the new world we know that the hard works is not for the men. The new systems in industry we named Robots can be good worker that do hard works but here is a big problem. The problem is that Robots individually can not do the all works human can do. So we need to add intelligent to industry robot systems.

Now the Robots can see with machine vision and think with artificial intelligent technology. The all of them help us to using Robots for more works.

The examples of intelligent industrial Automation:

Product Quality Control

  • One of the most important things in industry is products control for quality issues. Using Machine vision based on Digital Image Processing (DIP) can helping us to check any fault of the products in produce line faster, more accurate and  automatically  .

Robots with Vision

  • Intelligent robots in industry with vision ability can help us to do jobs that not have only a certain and repetitive duty. It will be can do the works that need vision, diagnosis and on time actions.