Intelligent Environmental SCADA Monitoring Systems

Why you need an intelligent SCADA Monitoring ?



Zagra is a global leader in Intelligent Automation Technologies like SCADA Monitoring Systems, Machine Vision Industrial Solutions and Intelligent Robotic Systems. Our solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of our customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by Zagra.

Intelligent SCADA Monitoring Systems

Intelligent Environmental monitoring are the processes and activities that characterize and monitor the quality of the environment. When the size and Locations of our Parameters became complicated you need a powerful monitoring system that can manage every thing easily and simplify diagnostic risks by Intelligent SCADA software that will be learned by Machine learning algorithms in your system.

Data Center Environmental SCADA Monitoring System:

Environmental Monitoring  is crucial to the smooth running of your data center. To maximize system reliability you should aim for a stable environment free from wild fluctuations. Big data centers have big Problems for a supervisory condition monitoring under the supervision.



Cold Chain SCADA Monitoring System:

Cold Chain refers to the storage, shipping, and distribution of products that need to be kept in a temperature controlled environment. An unbroken cold chain helps ensure the freshness and quality of the goods.

Intelligent Machine Vision Systems

Ceramic Tile Defect Detection System:

In Ceramic tile industry the quality control process plays a major role to enhance quality standards. To enhance quality control process, we here proposed a system to detect defect in ceramic tiles. Accuracy to detect defect manually is lower due to human errors and industrial environment. We proposed an automated system  to detect damaged tiles and automated quality grading them.

Medical Image Enhancement Systems:

Breast cancer diagnosis by analysing the mammogram becomes difficult for the low quality of X-ray image. It therefore requires a mammogram image enhancement, thus leading the extracted features to more accurate classification result.

Intelligent Robotic Solutions

Discover how an intelligent software-based robotic workforce can automate areas of your business that fall between established process automations. Whether manual tasks have a unique workflow or insufficient volume or scale to automate with traditional solutions, ZAGRA Intelligent Robots is designed to solve these so-called “white-space” business problems unaddressed by existing process automation and create additional value for your business.

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